Korg Volca

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build my ultimate mobile setup, using a midi keyboard, zynthian, korg NTS-1 and a volca keys. So far my zynthian is working well as a midi converter for USB keyboard and USB midi for the NTS-1 using the zynthian sequencer. I need a way now to sync the volca keys, has anyone a solution? I have seen a couple of posts on driving the sync from the headphone socket but I not sure these projects went anywhere.

Presumably you want to run the Volca sequence in sync with Zynthian? You can connect Zynthian MIDI out to Volca MIDI in and set Volca MIDI sync to auto. You also need to add the MIDI Clock Out plugin to Zynthian which converts internal clock to MIDI clock

Be aware that the clock only runs whilst sequencer or MIDI player / recorder is running. I can’t remember if MIDI START / STOP / CONTINUE messages are sent but am fairly sure they are not.