Layer List & Recall/Store function


There will be any way to save Layer List as a bank with a store and recall function just like the old snapshot feature? I think it will make the difference allowing to recall Multi-layer bank and settings in a live situation…
it is already in the To Do List or is already implemented and I not found it?
Thanks in advance


Hi @Ramsi!

The normal snapshot feature saves all layers. is it not good enough for you? In such a case, please, be more explicit in what you would like to have …



Sorry for not detailed question. I mean, It can be possible to link the layer list to some sort of Bank Change with Midi messages in order to store and recall Multy-Layer list with Ext. Midi messages without the use of the encoders to navigate in the menu.


Currently this is not implemented. What message or message combination do you suggest? AFAIK there are several option when speaking of bank changing. Also, take into account that some Synth engines listen for bank change messages (ZynAddSubFX, FluidSynth, LinuxSampler), so, if we use this messages for load snapshots, we will prevent the “normal” use with these synth engines.



Ok so it can have some conflict using bank changes on snapshots. I’m trying to figure out the best use to save my Layer List. It seems that I can not reach the snapshots menu when I use multiple layer as a results of the use of this layer list or multiple engines:



Strange… Please, can you send me by email your snapshot file?



It seems that I have one encoder that is not working. Only the push function. i have to take another one. Anyway now is working.


Hi @Ramsi,

Take a look to this post i just published:



I also have a question about this. Somehow when I save a snapshot it only saves the instrument(s) that I’m running but not the settings inside! Thats probably not how its supposed to work?


Snapshots are correctly saved. It’s a problem when loading snapshots in MOD-UI engine. This bug is in the TODO list and will be solved ASAP :wink:



alright, sounds good! :slight_smile: