Layer list stuck


i’ve loaded the recent image. after loading it for the first time i’ve got “Error” on screen below the zynthian logo. after booting was completed, i’ve started mod-ui and played with the various chains and got disconnected with display nor buttons accepting any input (while selecting items with stylus was working, but not executing them). after using zynadd only i wanted to delete all layers (wish, there’s a function to delete single layer only) and start from scratch, but hey, got stuck again. i can select layer, whatever but stuck in the layer list menu.

i can still ssh to the box.


Bold-click over the layer you want to delete :wink:

Take a look to the User’s Guide Workflow Diagram:

Regarding the errors:

Zynthian software is not stable yet. There are lot of bugs, specially in the more complex engines, like MOD-UI. Also, take into account that touch-interface is more “experimental” and less tested than encoders+switches.

For helping with the debugging process, you should restart the UI from the console to see the log messages while operating the zynthian:

systemctl stop zynthian

Then, try to reproduce the errors you described above and send a report including:

  • Detailed instructions of how to reproduce each error.
  • The corresponding error messages, as displayed in the console.

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many thanks, your solution works (as usual, something that’s linux native, doesn’t need to be rebooted). will report back to you, if the problem persists.

btw: Zynthian without computer is quite fun, when I tried to find out how that beast works (on my own, i know, i should just rtfm), but with mod-ui… sweet baby jesus on bicycle! that simply rocks.


Print out


Beware of transparent background… some of us like the dark side of UI :smiley:


just one question: can i debug the reason somehow? in the logs?


As he said before…