LV2-Plugins Audio Effect Barrys Satan Maximiser

I can’t activate the Barrys Satan Maximiser since ever in the LV2-Plugin webconf page.

Can someone correct that pls for the next updates…?

Please, could you be more explicit when reporting an issue? You have to give the details:

  • Zynthian hardware version
  • Zynthian software version (SD-image)
  • What do you do exactly
  • What do you you get
  • What do you expect
  • Other context or useful info that could be relevant for the issue

Also, it’s a lot better if you create an issue report in our tracking system:


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put it on tracking now.

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It’s solved. Please update and test.

man that’s fast support.
I wish the big brands would act like that.
ill give it a try.
thx jofemodo