LV2 presets & converters for Rapho, Synthv1, Padthv1

I’ve started writing a tool…

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Here’s some I converted and tested.

synthv1-lv2.tar.gz (100.3 KB)

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This is wonderful @Baggypants! I wanted to do this converter from long time ago …
I would like to suggest to you (and anybody coding a converter from any preset format to LV2), please, use the LV2 “bank extension”. It’s really easy to do and presets will get organized nicely in banks when used with zynthian. Take a look at @C0d3man’s Dexed presets.

This show how to organize individual preset files in a bundle:

or this, that organize several preset banks in a single file:

Other schemes are possible, but i think the best one is having individual preset files forming a single bank on each LV2-bundle, like the first example (DCDCollection.lv2)

So, the converter should take a group of “native” presets (folder?) and generate a LV2-bundle, with individual preset files (ttl), using the LV2 Bank extension. For simplifying things, the LV2-bundle name and the Bank name should be the same. By default, the converter could use the source folder name for this, so you can use a simple syntax, like:

xxx2lv2 fantasy_sounds

That would take the native presets from the “fantasy_sounds” folder and generates the “xxx-fantasy_sounds.lv2” bundle, containing individual preset files (one ttl file per preset), forming the bank “fantasy_sounds”.

Please, let brainstorm a little bit about it :wink:


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Thanks for the suggestion. Categorising is certainly something that needs to happen with 400-odd presets! However, we’ve got some bankless presets to be getting on with while I learn how to read multiple files.

Nice work.

On a similar note, I had to fix the Stereo-rhodes for it to work for me. The note-release sound was way on a way to high volume.

Besides that this soundfont sounds awesome.

So here it is fixed.

If anyone wants to use it.

Or. You can direct me in the right way to suggest this to be fixed this way, I am new to this.

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Where do I put these presets?


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Oh, If you don’t want it to be forgotten add it to the issue tracker.


Hi @Humi!
Did you modify the wav files or only the SFZ?

Hi @Baggypants!

I observe that you converted 272 presets, but the original collection have 392 …
It’s included in Zynthian in synthv1 native format:


Could you complete the collection up to the 392?

Thanks a lot!

OK! I did it! You were taking the “preset name” from the XML content, and some are repeated. I changed your converter for using the filename instead:

And now have the 392 presets :wink:


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I’ve added the 392 synthv1 presets and also presets for Raffo, padthv1, Vex, etc.
Simply update and enjoy!! (perhaps a reboot is needed after updating)

Thanks @Baggypants!!



Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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