MIDI Configuration in MOD-UI

Hello again!

I have searched the interwebs but alas – found nothing. I am an avid user of MOD-UI and my recent (and first) solo gig brought some things to my attention.

I played almost half the gig with too much reverb cause I missed the setting of the reverb in MOD-UI and the monitoring situation was just terrible.

I use a LaunchpadX for controlling my FX and it has that wonderful function, that u can send the MID CC back, and it will show on LaunchpadX.

I figured maybe I can let MOD-UI somehow broadcast the MIDI controlled paramters back to the LaunchpadX. As of now I even don’t know if that works, if there is no CV-to-MIDI plug in.

But my problems start even before that. MOD-UI does not show the correct MIDI-Out for the LaunchpadX. it does show the MIDI 2 output, but u use that for doing lightshows on the thing.

Here is what i got:

MIDI config in MOD-UI
Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-22 um 09.00.06

I wonder why there are so many input ports and no outs? That may also be the cause of the MIDI clock doubling I encountered.

But I have only one LaunchpadX output port (the wrong one)
Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-22 um 09.26.36

MIDI config in Zynthian

or this:

So i would need “Hardware out hw 3 0 0 Launchpad X MIDI 1”.

Fair warning: it could well be I disabled it somewhere in the Linux bowels 1 or 2 years ago, but now completly forgot it.

Any suggestions?

Impossible. You can never have too much reverb.


well … basically I agree – there is no such thing as “too much reverb” as there is no such thing as “free lunch”… but nevertheless… I need that optical feedback from the LaunchpadX.

But in this case it was a endless shimmer reverb, and I could not hear I thing I was playing on the rhodes/piano sound… at least I kept my scales, so it didn’t sound too awful :smiley:


I kind of got this working by trying the obvious. Again, I could not find any documentation through a web search on it, so excuse my question.

I used the Zynthian MIDI learn
activated the ENABLED_FB=Launchpad_X_MIDI_1

What I get now is:
it will show me the parameter values on the LPX after loading a new snapshot now. :smiley:

What i don’t get is:
The smooth transitioning build in the LaunchpadX. :cry:

Explanation: If you press a pad soft on the LPX (when you have configured a MIDI CC), it wil slooooowly transition to that value – perfect for initiating e.g. a filter transition and keep on playing on the keys with both hands.

I get that the Zynthian feedback system and the transitioning interfere with each other and there’s nothing much you could do about it.

So what I would need would be a MIDI option like “Send learned controller CCs ONCE after loading the snapshot”. That is not the sexiest name, though.


would be more apt.

And I think more applications could benefit from this than just my usecase.

Dumb idea? :man_shrugging: