MIDI filter & rules

Hi everybody,
because I cannot save a keysplit with a snapshots I decidet to have allways a keysplit.
If I want to play a full piano, I load the same piano to CH#1 and CH#2.

Now I want to have the damper (CC#64) and the Volume (CC#7)
at the channels# 1 +2.
This doesn´t work, because it kills CH#1
MAP CH#0 CC#64 => CH#1 CC#64
MAP CH#0 CC#7 => CH#0 CC#7

What can I do?
(“Clone to” would not work, because we will have doubble notes then)

I think, @jofemodo needs to provide a CPY command.
But I guess, he will be quicker solving the snapshot issue.

Hi @zynthianers!
I’ve implemented the “MIDI profile inside snaphots” feature:

It works like this:

  • MIDI profile state is saved/restored with snapshots. Note that when you have checked the “restore last state on startup” option in the webconf’s UI options, this “last state” is saved/restored like a normal snapshot, so MIDI-profile is included too.

  • If you load an snapshot and click “REMOVE ALL” from the layer screen, the configured MIDI profile is loaded again. If you delete the snapshot layers one by one, then the MIDI profile is conserved.

So you know, simply update software and enjoy :wink: