Midi Keysplit setup

Hello everyone,

I am struggling to setup a keyboard split. The goal is to configure the lower half of the keyboard to play on channel 2 and the upper half on channel 3.

I have the “MIDI Keysplit” FX setup for channel/layer 1. The MIDI Keysplit FX is configured with the filter channel set to channel 1 with the lower and upper set to 2 and 3 respectively. When I play my keyboard on channel 1, I don’t hear any output from the synths setup on layers 2 and 3. Am I missing something ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I just updated the software via the web interface so the version should be the latest stable version of Zynthian.

After doing a backup , I would suggest fixing to the testing branch or even better the mixer- midi-learn branch. Which have upto date fixes for this area… But don’t forget to make a backup, or better still burn a sperate SSD card…

You can use this to produce layers and splits across different layers/chains.

You did remember to do a backup didn’t you …?

I learned the hard way about the importance of backups :sweat_smile:. They get done on a regular basis now. I will look into the other branches and the Note Range & Transpose setting. Thank you for the quick response!

Hi @solvomentis and All! Here is a midi map you can load using the web configuration tool:


I use the MIDI rule because my 7 in. touch screen is finicky when I use my finger or a stylus to change octaves/notes. I always seem to overshoot E4 or -1/+2 octaves. And the rule is saved as a preset that I can recall when needed.

I made a snapshot with a split Eb4-E4. A LinuxSampler piano is on the left and an OB-Xd lead is on the right. I pre-transposed the piano in a LinuxSampler sfz, and I adjusted the Lead octaves in Ob-Xd.

I am using stage mode, but this works in multi mode too. CH0 loads a piano, CH1 loads a DX, CH2 loads a Rhodes and CH3/C12 loads the split. The logic is:

Ignore CH3 notes E4 and above; Ignore CH12 notes below.
Remap CH3 high notes to CH12
Clone all controllers from CH3 to CH12.

IGNORE CH#3 NON#64:127
MAP CH#3 NON#64:127 => CH#12 NON#64:127
MAP CH#3 NOFF#64:127 => CH#12 NOFF#64:127
MAP CH#3 CC => CH#12 CC

Hope this helps!

Sam in NJ USA