MIDI Master Channel Disable [SOLVED!]

Hey Everyone, I hope i’m not being dim… but I have a question about the MIDI master channel.

Is it just for MIDI remote control?

I’m pretty maxed out on MIDI channels and I’m finding I can’t use Ch16 for anything as it controls the Zynth UI.

I don’t need MIDI remote so is there way to disable it? All I can find in the web config is selecting 1-16 and ideally I want access to all 16 channels in my setup.


I looked and could not find a way to disable the mapping either. If there was a way to disable it, I’d probably use it as well. I’ve accidentally selected Ch16, and played a few chords. It wrecks havoc on your Zynthian.

I wonder if something can be done via the midi filter… i’m not sure where else to look.

If you don’t need Ch16, you could map it to another channel, but I can’t think of any midi filter that would let you use Ch16 for midi only.

So I could say map 16 > 15 but then the Zynth would have to use another like 14, and my other synths are free to use 15 & 16.
Can the midi filter forward like that? It seems a bit of a mad work around when all that’s needed really is OFF. Has nobody else hit this hurdle I wonder.

So if I wanted to request this as a feature, would that be here, or on Git?


Master channel can be disable easily by setting its value to “-1”. The problem is that webconf didn’t allow this … until today :wink:

Simply update and test …



That’s brilliant!

Thank you so much :smiley: