Midi messages / teensy


Hi, I am a new zynthian user ( just hours ) I am using a teensy to send midi notes just fine
for some reason I can not figure it out how to do this:

have a snapshot with 3 instruments ( sounds ) from 2 engines
to use the teensy to change the instrument ( sounds ) with Control Change message ( what midi # to use ?)
from a push button. so a puschbutton can directly jump to a instrument.

teensy Usbmidi info



So you have 3 layers. Are the 3 layers assigned to the same MIDI channel or a different one?
If can have up to 16 layers in a snapshots, assigned to the same or different MIDI channel. If you want to change from an “instrument” to another one, the faster way if change the MIDI channel where you send the playing (note-on/off) messages.

Also, you can send Bank/Program Change messages to a given channel. it will change the bank/preset for the layers assigned to this channel.

Could you give more details about what are you trying to do?

Why don’t use a Program Change message? It’s the logical choice …
Control Change messages are not commonly used for that. Anyway, from the webconf tool you could add some rules to the MIDI router/filter, remapping Control Change messages to Program Change messages.

Finally, you could use the Master Channel to load a new snapshot. But it takes longer …



I got it working
from teensy side of things I have a variable midi channel working like a charm.
if I wanto to use Bank/Program change message what is value ( number) to use
or is there a file to edit to set values?


Simply use bank and program change messages to change the bank and presets of the layer’s assigned to the MIDI channel you send the messages. The bank and preset numbering fits the ordering shown by Zynthian UI bank and preset lists. Nothing to configure or edit.