"MIDI over IP" options in WebConf



Hi Chris,

I added those two channel fields in the gh28 branch.

The forum seems to be down, btw.



The forum is up again :wink:


I want to build a external button matrix using the arduino midi control change soundbank preset t, quickly control the soundbank fluedsynth in zynthian, for live performance please help.


Presumably you put out MIDI from the arduino via a UART & Opto Isolators ( A MIDI implementation) to the Zynth?

The real issue then is a higher level chat, or to break down

  1. When I press button xy I want soundbank/preset in fluidsynth to become available.
  2. When I start up auduino I want this set of presets to be loaded.

You don’t say what is driving the MIDI playing side of the rig so I’ll just assume a MIDI keyboard (over USB?)you have already allocated one zynth MIDI channel to the audino :slight_smile:

From here on in I’m assuming.

  1. The audino sends it’s ident w in a MIDI message load to zynthian(s) on MIDI channel v to load snapshot name/id/hash u? (defaults to default snapshot)
  2. Zynthian ident t loads snapshot . . . ( this takes time :- ) )
    a. If load zynthian (t) succeeds replies to auduino ( w ) with success (s )
    b. If load zynthian (t) fails replies to auduino ( w ) with fail (s )
    c. Auduino (w) times out if nobody replied in timeout(r)

From there on it’s normal MIDI channel bank selection, with some kind of acknowledge from the zynth(s).

So we need zynthian to send out a couple of messages and we have the start of a return channel. I’m already thinking of talking back to LED coloured encoders this way :slight_smile:

Do we need to talk about a local database for zynthian patches, snapshots …?