MIDI over wifi from iphone

Hi -
New user here. I just built my Zynthian yesterday from the v3 kit. Everything seems to be working!

I have a question, though. I’d like to be able to send MIDI wirelessly, from iOS apps (e.g. Fugue Machine). I’ve enabled QmidiNet and TouchOSC via the admin menu on my Zynthian, which I think means that my Zythian can accept MIDI in over IP. And in Fugue Machine menu on my iPhone, I can select “Network Session 1” and Ch1 as MIDI output, and turn off the app’s own synth engine so that it’s only generating MIDI, not any sound. Both devices are connected to the same wifi network.

But nothing happens on the Zythian. I don’t hear anything, and I can’t see any activity in any of the MIDI logs.

Some link in the chain is evidently missing. What else do I need to do? All suggestions most welcome. Thanks!

Progress: using rtpMIDI I can connect MIDI-out from my iPhone to MIDI-in on a Windows laptop. Then using MIDI-OX I can see MIDI-in arriving, which matches what I can see being generated in Fugue Machine. So I think I know that MIDI-over-wifi is being correctly sent.

So: what (else) do I need to enable on the Zynthian side to be able to receive MIDI-over-wifi?

(side note: I don’t really want to have the laptop involved in any of this, if poss - even though it’s proving useful for debug purposes)

this is relevant, i think: RTP-MIDI on zynthian

Hi @rd45.

Welcome to Zynthian land :grin:. You have reached the answer yourself. Apple send MIDI using rtpMIDI protocol which is not (yet) supported by Zynthian. There has been done recent activity in this area with the possibility / likelihood that an implementation will be forthcoming. This may be some time off though because it depends on the availability of effort from key developers. If you are not scared to roll your sleeves up then you can add some rtpMIDI support by following the thread you linked to.

thanks @riban

it’s easy enough to install raveloxmidi as per the other thread, i can start it & see it listening on port 5004 - even connect to it from rtpMIDI on my laptop

but it seems quite unstable - when starting/stopping services, very often my zynthian would hang & i’d have to reboot & start over again

and still i can’t see any midi-in arriving at the zynthian

so a little bit frustrating - and because i’m still a beginner here, and there’s a lot that i don’t understand yet about the architecture, i’m going to step back & concentrate on making some music for a short while - maybe when i come back to it, there’ll be some more experience about how all this RTP-MIDI stuff can work best - and if not, i’ll work on it some more