Mimo UM 740 USB display



i have a mimo um 740 7" usb display, it is a displaylink device. Drivers are supported in the latest linux kernels.
I make it work with Raspex the latest version out of the box. It is supposed a port of ubuntu for raspberry pi.
Would it be posible to build a zynthian device with this display?


I suposse yes. Zynthian is raspbian-based (Jessie). If your display is supported in Debian Jessie, it should work, but you have to configure by hand. Webconf doesn’t include this model yet. If you do it, please, send a “configuration script” and i will add the display to the zynthian webconf.



i am testing the last sd zynthian image + rpi3 + audio injector + Mimo UM-740 usb display

i have installed the sd image, boot up the rpi3 and access via webconf to the zynthian. I have changed the display to [custom] and entered the resolution 800x480

and, voila!

ok next step audio injector test. Interface is posible to use it with mouse at the moment.


Hi, I am Chimiel, quite new here for a few minutes. :slight_smile:

I am wondering if there is any possibility to share a download for this image? I am struggling for years to find/make a working distribution in combination with this MIMO 740 to get display and touch function to work… I used Raspbian before…

Or maybe a howto guide ? :slight_smile:

Cheers, Chimiel.