MOD-Duo Config.gz and how the kernel compares to Zynthian


Perhaps this helps: config.gz from the current stable Linux release from a MOD-Duo.

config.gz (11.8 KB)


Wha, 3.4.104. we are on 3.9 and expecting soon 3.14.
They are both really really different, no idea how to compare
config (142.4 KB)


MOD is very conservatuve about the stability of their system, because they are making money with it. And I can say: The stability of the system ist very good. But it is based on a two core ARM variant… Not very powerful against a RPi3.

  1. How is the audio quality? (Both input and output)
  2. Is it mainline linux?


For my ears: audio quality is ok. I can try to measure when I can find some time. They are running jackd with 128 bytes buffer by default. You can change this.

AFAIK: no. They are using sunxi.

  1. In that case it IS mainline + RT. Sunxi are in mainline. source.
    This means that if we support OrangePi with H3 socket, for example. We might have a more stable kernel which isn’t using the crappy USB host that the RaspberryPi uses. CustomPiOS supports building variants, it does not limit us only to using RaspberryPi, we could have multiple devices build.
  2. Can we move this talk publicly? It might help to hear what other staff people thing



OK! It’s public now :wink:


Ah, ok!

No problem - just made this as PM to not to bore the others :slight_smile:

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