MOD Plugins with No Connection Wires

Along with having the generic “No interface available” UI graphic, I noticed a number with no input or output wiring connections.

I assume the plugins listed below are defective:

Manually tried all 1… through N… titles

16 Step Sequence
32 Step Sequence
64 Step Sequence
Amplitude Modifier
AMS Analog Memory
AMS Bit-grinder
AMS CV Source
AMS Delay
AMS Envelope
AMS Modifier
AMS Advanced Envelope
AMS Analog Driver-2 Outputs
AMS Analog Driver-4 Outputs
AMS Analog Driver-6 Outputs
AMS Hysteresis
AMS LFO2 -Freq
AMS Multiphase LFO
AMS Noise2
AMS PErcussion Envelope
AMS Sample&Hold
AmS Sequencer - 12 Steps
AmS Sequencer - 12 Steps
AmS Sequencer - 16 Steps
AmS Sequencer - 24 Steps
AmS Sequencer - 32 Steps
AmS Sequencer - 8 Steps
AMS VC Delay
AMS VC Double Decay
AMS VC Envelope
AMS VC Envelope II
Control Invert
Control Linear Scale
Control Low Pass
Control Port Exponential
Control Port Logarithm
Control to CV
Control to CV Interpolator
CVG to Control
Example Parameters (Appears to be a programming example)
HZ to VC
LFO Blender
Moony C2 x C2
Moony C4 x C4

Also randomly noticed some plugins that consume CPU power sitting alone on the board:

Granular just dragged out alone, eats 82% processor
GxBoss DS1 placed on board, raises CPU load by 10%
Higher Quality Pitch Scaler raises cpu by 20%

One curiosity (I didn’t actually try)
Drumgizmo: 1 MIDI In 16 audio out, no panel except on/off
Installed version 0.0-0 (Homepage Latest release v0.9.19)

Also the 7 “Example…” plugins may all be programming tutorial snippets that are not useful complete plugins
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One of the far too many plugins with no graphic that I looked into is the ZLFO, which turns out to be a cv oscillator for a DAW, the Zrythm that you can buy for £5. I’m not sure how to use it in the MOD context, perhaps for ZinFace?
ZLFO plugin w summary