What effects are available on MOD-UI? Are they the same ones used on the MOD DUO?

Also @jofemodo

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Hi @andycallaby!

Welcome to the zynthian community! :wink:

Yes. Almost every plugin from MOD-DUO is included on the zynthian SD-image. And the plugins not included can be installed, of course.

Thanks! I’m working on it …


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Thanks for getting back to me. Looks super interesting stuff. What sort of shipping time does it take to the UK please?


1-2 weeks (currently we are quite saturated)


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I shall order right away. Excited to try it. Going for the 8gb one for future proofing.

Thanks for your help and please do feel free to take a listen to some of my music.


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And… Ordered.

Many thanks for your help Fernando!!!

Excited to get going with it.


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