More um.... Testing?

I guess I have just finish stress testing the display on my old mk255 2 octave keyboard.

The keyboards that say, “ni” :smile:.


Eh eh…

Knights who say “Ni!”


My Mk-249c is so old it has red LEDs! :wink:

I changed the red leds on some of my Arturia master controllers… on the factory 32 ans on the player 25, it was easy… the leds are just above their matching soft buttons… But on my Laboratory 61, though it is from the same séries and generation, I could not reach them as they are included inside a soft button-led-cap ensemble…
I don’t know why they used red leds as the 2x16 display and the serigraphy are blue… and the bleu blanc rouge ensemble looks a bit “cocorico” national anthem to me…