MPC Live

i don’t know if the attempts to install Linux are followed much in the Zynthian community.
but recently it has been possible to run Ubuntu via chroot on the MPC Live.
and it seems to me, it could be an interesting platform to run Zynthian?

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How much of the I/O structure is declared…? I wonder if it all talks over I2C …?

Really, is it an improvement if ubuntu is running on the akai mpc?

not really - but maybe Zynthian? :wink:

not sure but it seems a lot of the drivers are hidden in the main executable and some reverse enigneering would be neccessary. to be honest the hacks i’ve seen so far were not overly optimistic

I would never install linux on zynthian. Only nerds use that.


And there are no nerds here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Only lumberjacks, hunters, steel workers, as usual.

An occasional serial killer

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And at least one powerlifter :innocent:

check the MPC hacking fb group