MULTILAYER - Only 3 channels working? [CLOSED]


Hi, i made a little sequencer setup… it sounds really good , but when i added the 4th track, no sound from any engine choosen in any midi channel…(didn’t try mod ui, since it’s still tricky to configure multilayer without web interface.) anyone?


Hi @ivanmonterosso!

For me it’s working well. I just tried a 5 layers set without problem.
Can you reproduce the error?


Apologize… forget this issue… i had to move to Ableton Live to understand i didn’t edited track’s midi I/O correctly on Cubase…:unamused:


Ok - I just tried and got 8 engines running the same time on 4 MIDI channels (my MP5 Piano can trigger up to for external engines :slight_smile:)

Regards, Holger