My first zynthian, my setup, feedback and some questions

Hello Zynthians,

my name is d0m.
I am from 49744 Geeste, Emsland in Germany.
Last week my v3 arrived and it took 1 h to build it.
It is my first time using a pi.
It took 2 days to understand, how to get the os on a sdcard. 1/2 day to get the encoders working.
Now everything is working.

I use an op-z, 2 jamman loopers, 2 kaosspad mini 2 and a mic.
The plan is to have the zynthian as an additional soundsource (played by the op-z) to feed my external lopper and to use the zynthian as an effectchain for my mic.

I tested a lot and want to give some feedback.
Its a lot of sound in it. Thank you for the work.
The possibility to use the mod fx is awsome.
Helm is a monster!
I really like the ethic libary of linux sampler.
But here is my first problem:
Near every sample has a little noise at the end.
It really need an adsr or a smooth autogate to fade the ends.
In every engine i got stuck midinotes.
Sometimes i could stop it, when i press the right note, when i press the layer encoder and or the midipanic in the mainmenue.
It happend to often to trust the zynthian as a live tool on stage. :frowning:
I reduced the main volume to 80 and it is not as often as with 100. But too often for stage.
Is it fixable? Is it a known problem?

I could not use the 6.3 mm input directly with my mic.
Is there a way?
And is there a way to route the 6.3mm input seperated from the aux input?
So i can use my mic and the op-z as input sources?

Thanks for reading and your help.



Hi @dOm and welcome to the Zynthian community!

I think you need an external preamp which converts symetric/balanced audio (XLR) to unbalanced (something like this). There may also be DIY circuits around for this…

Regards, Holger

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Hi @dOm!
Nice to meet you and welcome to Zynthian community!!

Try to check the “Limit USB speed to 12Mb/s” option in the Hardware->Audio tab, from webconf tool (advanced options).

Do you know if this is a problem of the samples or a LinuxSampler problem?
There is a “noise-gate” in the FX-plugin list, but i’m not sure if this will help you …


I had this problem.
It was caused by the audio channels automuting after a tiny time period.
I fixed it by either disabling or lengthening “mute” time in the ALSA settings.
This will differ for different soundcards e.g. I couldn’t use the alsamixer to do this, as the buttons to disable mute didn’t respond!

I’m not at my zynthian box right now, but if your problem is the same, someone else might be able to help more by explaining how to list alsa card settings, then change and save them permanently.

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This 2 posts could help:

Hi there,

you are very fast. Thanks for that.
I use a little behringer headphone preamp with aux jack for the Mic Input.
I fixed the midiproblem with:
Try to check the “Limit USB speed to 12Mb/s” option in the Hardware->Audio tab, from webconf tool (advanced options).

Here is my first little Zynthian Recording.
Just a 3 Loop beat to check the recorder.


When using the balanced input (6.3mm), gain is fixed to 12dB. If using a balanced input is not important for you, you can use the stereo unbalanced audio input (mini-jack ) and adjust the gain up to 32dB, that should be enough for most of mics.

You can configure all this via jumpers on the HifiBerry DAC+ADC board. Check the documentation:



Can someone explain the difference between alsa volume analogue and digital?

After restart the audio in seems kinda muted and the alsa analogue is always zero. Is it correct?
If a turn it up and saving, it jumps back to zero.

I read somthing about automute… Where can i change it?

Thanks a lot.