My Zynthian stops making sound after a certain duration

Hi All,

I bought the Zynthian V4 kit in August 2021. I’ve noticed that after using it for a while (maybe an hour, or two?) it stops making any sound - though everything else (screen, buttons, etc) seem to continue working fine. The last time this happened I was using Pianoteq. I can’t remember what I was using on previous occasions when this has happened.

I last updated the firmware on around 25th September 2021. I’m really hoping that this is not an overheating issue, as I’m not too skilled with hardware.

Has anyone else had similar issues? Any help is appreciated.


The demo mode of Pianoteq stops working after 20 minutes. Maybe this is the reason?
Please make a search here like “Pianoteq stops working” and you will find similar issues.


Thank you. This is probably what is happening – I didn’t realise Pianoteq was limited to 20 mins. I will keep an eye out for it happening with anything other than Pianoteq, but I suspect you are correct in your diagnosis.

I’ve run zynthians on different engines for months and they still play on first key press.