Naming presets

As to getting a keyboard up, with a bit of googling I’ve gotten florence to show itself and do something when tapping on keys. I think it needs a lot more DBus than the minimal set we’re currently launching. If someone wants to try further, this is how far I got:

export DISPLAY=:0.0
apt-get install florence
update-mime-database /usr/share/mime
apt-get install at-spi2-core
/usr/lib/at-spi2-core/at-spi-bus-launcher --launch-immediately &

and then you can press keys, and watch all sorts of assertion failures in the console when you press one :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t popup for me . . .

It does seem fairly picky about DBus, I’m sure I’m missing some required things as well. Is there anything in the console that might help?

Just found it . . .
on my desktop…

:slight_smile: presumably the export DISPLAY=:0.0 wasn’t empathetic enough . … . :slight_smile:

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Just FWIW, this is what text-entry on Pyramid looks like:

Absolutely spartan of course, but very functional and entirely operated with a single encoder. I realize the remarks about Estonian characters are at least half tongue in cheek, but for all the improvement requests on the Pyramid forum, this is something nobody complains about :grin:

Of course, an actual virtual keyboard on a touch-screen is a fairly different experience.

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We could maybe offer an onscreen keyboard that reacts to scrolling with encoders (like the Pyramid but with two axes) and also touch / click - best of both worlds. Of course not everyone uses QWERTY and many of our regulars are those :wink:. The keyboard layout could be configurable from webconf.

I think it would probably be easier to write the keyboard code than try to integrate an exiting one. I have done this several times and the OS provided on-screen keyboard is usually suboptimal compared with one written with context in mind. It is just a load of squares with letters after all…

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I demand a JCUKEN layout!

And how about our mandarin friends?

They have the Etch-a-Sketch interface.


A standard QWERTY would perfectly cover the regular needs, ofcourse.

Back to April 1st!

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Alright, alright… :worried:

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Blõõdhõünds! Õh nõ!


I am working on a PoC method of naming things which I will demonstrate in the next update of step sequencer. (I want to name user saved files.) It probably won’t be much more than the Pyramid design but that is a start and from small acorns…


Somehow I knew you’d come to my rescue (from the bloodthirsty pack)!

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