Native GUI parameter changes not saved in a snaphot

I tested the noVNC functionality yesterday and congrats, it works great. Most of the synths I am interested in using are the more complex ones like Surge and they need the native gui if you want to sound design new patches with them on the Zynthian. Now with noVNC and native guis (hoping dexed gets the native gui soon :smiley: ) sound desing is possible, but unfortunately the snapshot function doesnt seem save the changes done in the native gui, but rather the saved snapshot defaults to the preset selected for the layer. I guess this is ok if you just want to play the presets, but I make my own sounds and atm zynthian is kinda cumbersome for that kind of work. Only way i was able to recall the patch in made with the native gui was to save and load it using the native gui. If there is a workaround for this I’d be interested, but it would be preferable that the parameters in the zynthian gui and native gui would sync with each other in both directions.

For LV2 plugins (which is most of them) try using the JALV menu in the GUI to save preset. This should appear in the wrapper for the plugin. (Sorry, don’t have a device in front of me to try this atm.)

[Edit] Preset management in Zynthian is currently suboptimal - something we are planning to look at soon. Currently to save and recall your own LV2 plugins you must use the LV2 wrapper save preset option that is presented in VNC and scan for new presets:

  • From GUI save preset to location /zynthian/zynthian-my-data/presets/lv2
  • From webconf SOFTWARE->LV2-Plugins, “Search for new Plugins & Presets”

This is a bit of a pain because the scan takes ages - but at least the feature is there!