Need v3 midi board


Is it possible to order Zynaptik only to upgrade my v2 zynthian to 3 midi ports?

Delivery to Helsinki, Finland.

I can solder it myself if required to keep components safe on the way.

Hi @Quadrica!

Your “AllInOne” (v2) already have the 3 MIDI ports. Most probably, if you have a “first generation” v2, your “aluminum case” has only 2 MIDI holes. In such a case, you can choose witch 2 MIDI ports (of the 3 available in the AllInOne circuit) you want.

If you really need the 3 ports simultaneously, then you should update your case, or make a new MIDI hole in the case you have :wink:

Regarding the Zynaptic, it’s an SMD circuit ready to use, but the Zynaptic connectors are not compatible with v2 connectors. Integrating a Zynaptic in a v2 is not straightforward.