New at Raspi and Zynthian


Hi Zynthians,

my name is Micki, I´m 65 Years old, living in Düsseldorf, Germany, and I like to make music
with my band. Not really good, but with passion,

I like to have a small equipment, and so I want to use Zythians possibilities.
it´s nice to be here in this forum.

I´m new with raspberry pi and new with zynthian.
But I like to build my own system with

Raspi 3
5inch HDMI Display 800x400 pixel XRT Touch controller
Behringer U-Control UCA 222

I bought some things from the Zynthian Shop

  • a pre installed all in one midi-module,
  • the knobs and potis for the controllers,
  • some cables.

Tomorrow I have to buy the midi-jacks
and an adapter for my touch-screen, because the connector is
female, but I need a male connector, because the cable ends with female connector.

Here is my first question, and I want to thank you now, looking foreward to a great project.

Has the Zynthian touch screen the same pin assignment like my 5inch screen?
Perhaps someone has a drawing or so.

At last: please excuse my bad english. There was not enough time to practice the language.


Hi Micki,

We have a setup for it in the webconf. Select the GPIO version of the 5inch HDMI display.

You should rather worry about the external soundcard.
This is a little tricky.
Maybe someone can share the settings for a UCA 222.

Herzlich Willkommen,


Hi Markus,

thanx for your quick answer.
You are German? Than we can communicate using german language?
It would be easier for me. :wink:

Where do I find the GPIO version of the 5 inch display?


Hi Micki,

Yes, we could…but only over PM.

Here are the settings


Ahh, thank you.
I see, it was a newby question :smirk:


Hi !
I have a Behringer U-control UCA202 and wanted to test Zynthian with it. It’s working good with Linux Debian with my MAO computer and i wonder why you say this advertisment. Zynthian doesn’t work good with USB SoudCard ? I have a PCM2704 USB DAC too if it’s better …

Thanks !
(and well… sorry for the english too, it’s not my native language either)


The installation of an USB card is not fully automated right now.
In most cases you have to do additional manual steps.


… and in addition to @mheidt , the latency could increase.

Regards, Holger


I´m using the UCA 222 since years with windows netbooks etc and I had no problems. Especially the latency was using the special ASIO-Driver very good.

I could run fluidsynth on Raspberry Pi. I could run GM-Sounds etc.
But I had to install it every time from the scratch. ( I have to learn how to program an autostart :wink:

With more experience I want to use the UCA 222 because it has an audio-input. My target is to play (simple) songs with acc guitar and a small audio- or midi -playback.

I cannot say anything to zynthian, because it´s not (jet) running.



Hi Markus,
I do not know, where I can find the webconf tool and the Zynthian/hardware page you showed me below.
Thanks for helping (I think, it´s just a question of a few weeks ;-))


you need to know the IP address of your zynthian. Type it in your browser.
I assume that zynthian-ui is not running yet, so that you can’t get it from there.
if it is not zynthian.local, take a look in the configuration page of your home lan router.


IP Address hunting on a raspberry pi can be a bit of a pain…

What are you using as your host machine?

  1. Linux
  2. Mac
  3. Windows

The reason is that in the Linux & Mac world there is a lovely little tool called avahi or bonjour on the mac that allows you to ignore IP addresses altogether and use the nice friendly name


Unfortunately this can be set up on a windows machine but it involves quite a dance.which is documented somewhere on here . . .

That will give you a name and is VERY MUCH the preferred way of working…

It’s worth knowing that nowadays if a piece of kit can have a web interface and it will.

Your Internet router will probably have a helpful web page that you get to by typing the peculiar ip address or or something else :slight_smile: into the web browser on a machine that is also attached to the same router.
You will probably need a username and password . . .Often they ain’t changed. That is a bad thing not to do . . . .

Don’t bother about why the number is like that it just is cos … history.
If you can get to the router and have connected your Zynthian Pi to the same router with an Ethernet cable. Yes they do need to be near each other for this …There is wifi but personally I don’t use it. If anyone can boot a zynth without running jack cleanly straight into wifi then things have changed since I last tried it :smiley:

But the web admin of your router may display the ip address of the raspberry pi it sees and that is one way of getting the ip address cos it’s your router that generally gives the addresses out, and they CAN change :frowning:
This is why using names is much more sane.

So put either the ip address or zynthian.local into the url section of your browser on your host machine. and you should see the webconf of the xzynth. This is where you set up the hardware that is connected to your zynhian.


Just built zynthian-nord with a Behringer UCA-202 ( as opposed to the 222)

Continual re-triggering on Interface, webconf is up, and I’ve configured the zynth . . .
UCA-222 … -P 70 -t 2000 -d alsa -d hw:CODEC -r 48000 -p 256 -n 3 -s -S -X raw

root@zynthian-nord:/zynthian/zynthian-ui# aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 1: CODEC [USB Audio CODEC], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0



Thanks Baggypants that’s the issue…

UCA-222 working when:

replace the line
allow own=“org.freedesktop.ReserveDevice1.Audio0”
allow own=“org.freedesktop.ReserveDevice1.Audio1”

So zynthian-nord is now a USB UCA-222 device…