New connector in All-In-One PCB v1.1


hi, just received the all in one board i ordered -thanks :slight_smile: I have started my build, and i notice the board has pads for a 5 - pin header marked sw-1 which is not shown anywhere on the site - what is it for?


Expansions of some sort or another. It offers up the pins for other uses. . .


Hi Andrew!

This connector SW-1 is not documented yet. It gives access to the spare
MCP23017 (GPIO-expander) ports and it could be used for extending Zynthian
hardware in several ways:

  • Adding extra switches to the interface, adding short cuts or new

  • Adding MIDI actuators, like sustain/trigger pedals, connected directly
    to the Zynthian hardware.

  • Others? :wink:

Kind Regards,