New Engine Implementation: Aeolus (Pipe Organ Emulator)


Ok, I think I have to start my notebook and have to look for the problem. Not working “out-of-the-box” :wink:

Regards, Holger


I’ve tried the update with a fresh SD image and it worked. Impossible to test with all infinite SD status.
Of course, the update process is very far from perfect … :disappointed_relieved:


I got it running by installing the latest ZynthianOS image and updating. I had some strange problems with the encoders (MCP23017) after using the image… I have to invest some time to check this again and pick up some debug information.

Aeolus sounds nice! Very cool!!!

Regards, Holger


Hi all,

On my Zynthian v1 worked. A fresh gorgona image and updated …twice did the trick.

Wonderful sounds! Nice work!

Thanks, Jose.


When you did, please tell me how you did that.
I can’t run or webconf outside systemctl context.


Hi all.
My box wouldnt update due to github certificate problems…
So downloaded the fresh gorgona image yesterday and booted ok.
Will report next week when tested.


After double upgrade (after the first one Aeolus would not start, it looks like it was missing the static wav files which were donwloaded on the second upgrade) :

  • works like a charm :slight_smile: Thanks @jofemodo
  • nice to see you can create a single instrument with 4 layers wih each on its own channel

The presets you have made are mostly too heavy for the average organ music, but still give a great demo of the sound that you can tweak with the zynthian interface.
One exception is the FullOrgan sound, where ALL stops are activated, hear an example here :

I’m not an organ player myself, so I’ll try to have on real organ player make some and send them to you.
(I have an Aeolus install scheduled end of september, may be my best chance)

About saving presets, I have not find the way to save a new preset in BankX/PresetX, how to do this ?

Things that should be fixed :

  • The MIDI channels assignation of layers is disturbing (ManI is on channel 3). It would be more logic and conventional to have ManI on channel 1, ManII on channel 2, ManIII on channel 3, and Pedal on channel 4
  • when navigating from one layer to another, sometimes one layer sound is changed, as if it had recalled the preset. Not pretty sure about this, will try to replicate later (after holidays!)

See you soon


There’s absolutely no need to worry about uploading individual notes or chords that in itself is really useful. Obviously fully proficient players are marvellous but people can appreciate so much from notes and chords and if helps us generate demo content!


OK! I’ve recreated the presets and i hope it will be more useful now. You have 2 “light presets” in bank 1 and the FullOrgan preset in the Bank 2.

Anyway, i’ve no idea about Pipe Orgamns, so i will be waiting for a good preset collection from your Organist friends :wink:

You can’t do that from the Zynthian UI. You have to open the Aeolus native UI via X-windows. Sorry, but i haven’t found a way for doing that… but you can save “snapshots” :wink:

I’ve changed the assignment following your advice. Update your zynthian and reboot …

Kind Regards!


Ahhh! I forgot to explain that Zynthian will take the MIDI channel configuration from the presets file, so you could change it using the Aeolus native UI :wink:


OK now this is working very nice, I have another more tricky request to submit.

You have made a awesome integration of aeolus stops controls, and it is working great for what i’d call an advanced user, or a synth geek.
But the regular user would prefer the original aeolus X display.
So for now can ssh-X in the box to have a display, but tell me if the following is possible :

  • consider I don’t need the zynthian GUI except on the beginning to prepare some snapshots
  • redirecting X output to hdmi (read articles, so it is ok with fb0)
  • display the aeolus GUI on an empty openbox desktop

Is zynthian logic tweakable enough to transform it into a dedicated one plugin box with display ?