New Engine Implementation: Aeolus (Pipe Organ Emulator)


Ok, I think I have to start my notebook and have to look for the problem. Not working “out-of-the-box” :wink:

Regards, Holger


I’ve tried the update with a fresh SD image and it worked. Impossible to test with all infinite SD status.
Of course, the update process is very far from perfect … :disappointed_relieved:


I got it running by installing the latest ZynthianOS image and updating. I had some strange problems with the encoders (MCP23017) after using the image… I have to invest some time to check this again and pick up some debug information.

Aeolus sounds nice! Very cool!!!

Regards, Holger


Hi all,

On my Zynthian v1 worked. A fresh gorgona image and updated …twice did the trick.

Wonderful sounds! Nice work!

Thanks, Jose.


When you did, please tell me how you did that.
I can’t run or webconf outside systemctl context.


Hi all.
My box wouldnt update due to github certificate problems…
So downloaded the fresh gorgona image yesterday and booted ok.
Will report next week when tested.