New feature: X-Y touch-controller

Hi @all!

I’ve added a X-Y touch-controller screen. For testing it, you have to:

  1. Udpate your Zynthian Box software from the admin menu
  2. Start an engine and select bank and preset:

For instance: ZynAddSubFX, channel #1, “net-wisdom” bank and “Vangelis-C” preset :wink:

  1. From the “instrument control” screen, bold-push (1 second is OK) simultaneously the 2 controllers you want play and … tachaaan!!

There are some problems:

  • Currently you can’t select 2 controllers from different screens. I’ve to find a way …
  • The resistive touchscreen is not the best. If someone has a capacitive, please, send feedbak!
  • Others?



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Very promising ! Yes it now indeed makes sense to get the capacitive touchscreen instead ! Will you promote it to the “default” screen in the future ?

Amazing! I just have finished building my own zynthian, fully by myself. I’m testing this feature with my 2.8 PiTFT Capacitive. Caused by “rotation=90” in webconfig, when I move in X-axis, the cross move in Y-axis, and vice versa. If I change rotation to 180, the movement works properly, but the screen obviously is seing bad. Any trick to resolve this? Thanks in advance, this project is gorgeous!!!

Hi @jordisilv!

You have to rotate the touch surface, but no the screen itself.

Take a look to the “/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-calibration.conf”, but be warned that currently this file is overwritten by the config system. I’ve to improve it! :blush:

Please, when your system is working OK, son’t forget to send a little report, including photos and details about your specific configuration tweaks, so i can include it in the configuration tool.

Una abraçada!

P.D: Nano, ya estás mostrándome ese Zynthian valenciano!! Ganitas tengo de verlooooo!!! :wink:

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Also, take a look to this topic:


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This is just the beginning! Muahahaha… No ho dubtes, dona’m unes setmanes que acabe a la universitat! :grin:

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Great! Dale caña a los estudios pues!!


Hi @jofemodo

I tried this on my Disco-Zynthian. Due to the plexiglas front there is no problem with attaching the front panel. But (bold) pressing the two controllers I like to use in X/Y mode seems to make some strange things: from reboot to showing an empty X-screen.

Is this a feature of the newest update or do I have other problems? I have a PiTFT-2.8-resistive. I know that you made some magic with my other Zynthian and after that it worked…

Regards, Holger

Hi @C0d3man!

I’ve fixed a bug in XY-control screen. Now it’s working OK. Update and try again. If it doesn’t work, try to see the log messages …


Many thanks at @jofemodo!!! Now I get the X/Y screen. But the touch does not work… have no idea why :sob:

Regards, Holger

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I am struggling to activate X-Y control screen. I have managed it once but when I press two buttons then one of them activates its normal operation, e.g. back, layer, etc. I have tried brief press, longer press, simultaneous, hold one then press the other, touching controls on the screen. How do I get this to work?

For me it’s working normally. You have to make a “more or less” simulatenous bold-push with 2 knobs. Then, they will turn green. Then you can move any controller from any “page” to change the pre-selection and finally, touch the display for going X-Y mode.


Same here. Never can can get it to work.

The screen flashes then returns to control screen. It may be a timing thing. I will look at the code to see if I can diagnose the issue.

Can you explain your problem? You don’t reach to see the controllers changing to green?

Ah! I have it working. The first problem was that my colour scheme used green display so there wasn’t an obvious change in colour when the mode changed. The next issue was that I didn’t follow the process precisely enough. Maybe the space in the wiki page between start and end of instructions confused me. The process is:

  • Navigate to the engine control page
  • Bold press two knobs
  • Move the knobs associated with the two parameters to be modulated, advancing through pages with SELECT button as required
  • Touch the screen to enter X-Y mode

I now know how to do it and will have a play…

I may submit a feature request for the colours to be sympathetic to the current colour scheme. Also, it seems odd that two controls change colour and not the ones that you are adjusting. It would make more sense to me that the two controls being modulated were identified in this (or similar) way.



I’m colorblind so I didn’t see the red turn to green.

But I see it now, when you say it.

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Flashing/blinking might be nice