New features: Sub-snapshots, setBfree Keyboard-splits, Combo-organ model and more!

It seems that there is a little bug or something with noize mak3r layers in snapshots. They are not save properly. After loading snapshot not chosen voice but always !startup Juno Osc.

Hi, i don’t know what caused this issue, but XMZ with internal part splits now play partially. Randomly just one layer is audible

ZynAddSubFX now uses separated audio ouputs for each part. Currently, auto-connector doesn’t know about XMZ parts and only connects the first one.
You could try to create a dummy snapshot with as many ZynAddSubFX layers as parts in your xmz, then load de xmz in the first layer.

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Uuuh really? … good solution, thanks… will try soon

Works Perfect! Also i think could Be a default workaround rule for xmz lovers…

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Wonderful! I’ve not tried the solution … but sometimes (very rarely!!) theory match real world :wink:


Hi @ejdzi!

Is your problem with NoizeMaker solved in the current master version ?

NoizeMaker is OK now I think :slight_smile: Thanks.


Where are sub-snapshot zs3 stored? I can’t find reference to them in the backups.

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As their name suggest, sub-snapshots are stored inside snapshots. You have to understand that a zs3 doesn’t include any information about layer structure. A zs3 relies on a given layer set and simply save/restore:

  • layer number
  • bank
  • preset
  • controller values

This is very useful in live performance, when you have loaded all the engines you need and want to change between then as fast as possible.

The typical use-case is:

  • Concert => Snapshot “Julipan’s Revival Concert”
    • Song/Part 1 => Subsnapshot 1
    • Song/Part 2 => Subsnapshot 2




Hi @Baggypants!

I can’t hear the track. Also download and try with several other programs with no luck.
Could you re-code and post it again?


I can hear it via VLC media player after downloading.

Trying again as ogg!

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That’s fine! Are you using the fc20 plugin included in zynthian image or did you compile yours?

Have you tried the setBfree with square or triangle waves? It doesn’t emulate any specific combo-organ, but you get combo-organ sound with less CPU power consumption (aka, it works fine in a RBPi3).


I used the one pre-compiled in the image. I’m not a big fan of combo-organs, although I did have a go with the alternative waves for setBfree a while ago. It seemed tolerably fine.

I was more casting around for plugins to see if I could drive the cpu temperature above 59.9C :rofl: apparently yc-20 doesn’t. :no_mouth:

Added to our already long list of audio demos … jeje!

Thanks for sharing!!

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Holy Shit!! Then the only posibility you have is playing some Rachmaninoff piece with Pianoteq …



The possibility that I’d even be able to play the first chord of any Rachmaninoff is nearly nill. :slight_smile:

My next idea is I’m going to stack up 16 layers of yc-20’s and OB-Xd’s. :smiling_imp:


Oh, I like it, @Baggypants ! Sounds like an old video game theme, the kind that fits the whole song on one instrument. :joystick:

Thanks so much!