New features: Sub-snapshots, setBfree Keyboard-splits, Combo-organ model and more!


OK! I just updated the development branch with some new features and improvements in the workflow, including:

  • Use a “standard” selector screen for ZS3 (SubSnapShot) Program MIDI-Learn.
  • Workflow Improvements:
    • From Control Screen, short-click over switch-3 (snapshot) will enter ZS3 Program MIDI-Learn. Click again for CTRL MIDI-Learn, etc.
    • From Control Screen, bold-click over switch-3 (snapshot) will enter Load Snapshot. Click again for Save Snapshot.
    • From any selector screen, touching over “loading-logo” will emulate switch-3 (snapshot).
  • Some bugfixes …

With these changes, the UI workflow has reached a nice balance and a coherent spirit. I’m quite happy with it now. I will update the Workflow Scheme and write a nice documentation so everybody can understand what i’m talking of :wink:

Please, help me to test these changes in the development branch. I would like to merge with master ASAP.

cd /zynthian/zynthian-ui
git fetch
git checkout setbfree-multiconf
cd /zynthian/zynthian-data
git fetch
git checkout setbfree-multiconf

Next step is freezing the development for a while and put my efforts in the new SD image, based in the, until now experimental, ZynthianOS nighty builds. :wink:



Hi @zynthianers!

Somebody tested the last changes? I would like to merge with master, but some double (or triple) checking would be desirable :wink:

I’ve added a little “gift” … a new bank for ZynAddSubFX by “Cris Owl Alvarez”. It includes some crazy presets, like autogenerative arpeggiated presets and more :wink:



OK! guys … i’ve merged my development branch with master, including these extra improvements:

  • ZynAddSubFX per-layer audio output: Exactly that! Every ZASFX layer now has a separated audio output, so it can have its own FX-chain too :wink:

  • setBfree user’s config: You can change any configuration option of setBfree by editing the file “/zynthian/zynthian-my-data/setbfree/cfg/zynthian.cfg”. In the same directory there is a soft-link to “default.cfg”, that documents all config options.

  • Improved FX chain: Effects in the same channel are chained (creation order) to ALL synths layer in the channel. Using one synth layer per channel is the recommended way :wink:

Those of you that changed to the development branch should change-back to master and update.


Understanding the Effect Chain

I’m sorry but something is not working for me. I the last two weeks I was trying to set and tweak all my snapshots and everything was ok. But yesterday I’v updated and all snapshots messed up. Nothing is loading. And the worst is that I can’t reproduce snapshots from scratch - first I can’t remember and second audio routing not working now. Is there a way to update Gorgona image to the state from yesterday before the last changes to note all my setup before updating?


Sorry, my fault!

I forgot to say that snapshot backward compatibility is broken with the last update. All your older snapshots wont work anymore after the update.

If you need to keep working your old snapshots, i could give you a recipe to stay in a detached version, previous to yesterday update. I will prepare the recipe tomorrow …

Anyway, i would recommend to re-build your snapshots ASAP, and update. This update is a step forward and you wouldn’t like to stay frozen in the past …

Finally, i would like to apologize for the snapshot backward-compatibility break. I just start to realize that zynthian software, although experimental yet, it’s being used for real “musical tasks” (performance and production). Some zynthian users are inverting time and effort preparing their snapshots and i should have care of not doing this kind of breaks.



Thank you as always. I would be grateful if you could prepare such recipe. Then I will be able to use two versions of zynthian system until full migration of my snapshots. And what about an audio routing function? When I’m trying to set this by choosing audio routing from layer menu the whole system hangs :unamused:


This is a genuine success problem.

Everybody celebrate !

Ok back on master branch.


First note on loading from a snapshot from motor 61 seems to hold on and needs to be panicked to stop it sounding.


Ups! This is a “bug”. It’s should be fixed now. Please, update again! :wink:


Of course! Follow these steps:

  1. Make a copy of your current working SD image.

  2. Now take one of these images, and login. Then from command line:

    cd /zynthian/zynthian-ui
    git checkout d1cb48b37ea00ae3415a55f47b71e3f0a0e1e055
    cd /zynthian/zynthian-data
    git checkout b4028dbc0d613100ec76ee5580e48da9e01a51be

This will put the repositories in a detached state, previous to the merged commits. Update wont work in these repositories, but better not updating this image.

I tested the recipe, and it works for me. Please, confirm it works for you :wink:



Thank you jofemodo. Brilliant. All works perfectly. Now I can note all my snapshots on the paper and try to rework them with new system. :nerd_face:


Hi @zynthianers!!

More improvements!!

  • LinuxSampler per-layer audio output, so you can setup independent FX-chains for its layers … nice!!

  • UI controller values should match real ones in most of engines, and volume and other CC values should be conserved between preset loading. Yesssss!!

Enjoy the weekend! :wink:

Understanding the Effect Chain

Just updated, got error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./”, line 39, in
import zynautoconnect
File “/zynthian/zynthian-ui/zynautoconnect/”, line 5, in
from zynautoconnect.zynthian_autoconnect import *
File “/zynthian/zynthian-ui/zynautoconnect/”, line 35, in
from zyngui import zynthian_gui_config
File “/zynthian/zynthian-ui/zyngui/”, line 28, in
from zyngui.zynthian_gui_controller import zynthian_gui_controller
File “/zynthian/zynthian-ui/zyngui/”, line 38, in
from zyngine import zynthian_controller
File “/zynthian/zynthian-ui/zyngine/”, line 25, in
from zyngine.zynthian_engine_linuxsampler import *
File “/zynthian/zynthian-ui/zyngine/”, line 326
SyntaxError: invalid syntax



Ups! I make a typo when pushing the changes. It’s fixed now :wink:


It works now,
Thanks a lot.


It seems that there is a little bug or something with noize mak3r layers in snapshots. They are not save properly. After loading snapshot not chosen voice but always !startup Juno Osc.


Hi, i don’t know what caused this issue, but XMZ with internal part splits now play partially. Randomly just one layer is audible


ZynAddSubFX now uses separated audio ouputs for each part. Currently, auto-connector doesn’t know about XMZ parts and only connects the first one.
You could try to create a dummy snapshot with as many ZynAddSubFX layers as parts in your xmz, then load de xmz in the first layer.


Uuuh really? … good solution, thanks… will try soon


Works Perfect! Also i think could Be a default workaround rule for xmz lovers…