New mixer proposal

I have exactly the opposite problem. Way too many settings. Which is why I like @wyleu’s idea to…

…because, as he points out…

Good thoughts, everyone! :+1:

You could do it as an lv2 running in an effect layer and redirect the relative layers to that layer with no changes needed at all.

Oh wait. You’d need 4 stereo ins and a way to determine routing wouldn’t you. Not that easy then.

Both the Mixer IN & Mixer out components are really wrappers around the JACK core so can easily claim a different handling (IMHO) conceptually I think that helps as well. . . .
I think we allow a totally free for all down at Layer level but keep the way in and way out as simplistic as possible. .

This could indeed be implemented using current schema by adding a level / pan LV2 plugin that can be inserted on each engine then extending control to a dedicated mixer screen but I agree with @wyleu that the output path should be simple and consistent. We could and should be able to map each mixer control to MIDI CC and OSC. Maybe we have an option to select whether the mixer acts on MIDI volume or JACK mix level. I worry that the MIDI volume CC7 may prove challenging to tame. I can put something together which offers both options.

BTW, I seem to always get the encoder numbering wrong (which is why my encoders are cross-mapped).

Try living with two encoder cards with the sockets opposite ways round…

of course my lord…:yum:


Oh, I love it! :partying_face: :+1:
How much of it is Zynthian?


1ch - Drums: LS - Acetone Rhythm Ace, Drumkits Percussion + MDA Degrade.,

2ch - Bass: ZY - Bass 5.,

3ch - Lead 1: ZY - Brass - Fat Brass + TAL Reverb, Dexed - Synth Brass.,

4ch - Pad: ZY - the mysterious banks - echoes 2.,

5ch - Lead 2: Calf Monosynth - Goa Bass + MDA Delay…

and easy mastering in Cubase…


Very nice!

You know, that you can easily copy and paste the setup via webconf?

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Yessss! Really nice track … i just add it to the wiki’s SoundDemos :wink:

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You chose a perfect title for the demo:grin:

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Regarding the Mixer proposal, i like the idea, so please, keep thinking about it and i will join the discussion when Buster RC-2 is released.

I like @riban’s functional proposal, but action assignment can (and must) be improved:

@wyelu’s graphic proposal is really nice. I want to implement a screen like that ASAP, as it can be useful not only for the mixer, but also for the incoming (auto-)EQ functionality.

Thanks for your ideas, @guys!
You are making this project soooo great!!


Would be nice a FX level for every channel :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s really just another effect on the end of each layer isn’t it?

I was thinking to a general FX volume for every layer. If i have a chorus, a delay and a reverb attached to a synth, could be usefull to change the level of the three FX together.

Is there a way to do send and return buses with the mixer? I use MOD ui on external devices (ukulele, guitar, bass) but I would like to send/return the outputs from my zynthstruments through some of the same chains too… like… It’s nice to add a “master” reverb to make things sound like they are in the same room… Also, is there a way to sidechain compressors?

The output from the zynthian layers are send to “monitor”, that can be connected to your FX chain on the MOD-UI (it should be in the left side, with the rest of MOD inputs).

Regarding sidechain compressors, i think there is some of this stuff in the list of plugins and you can include it in your MOD’s FX-chain.


Conceptually rather a nice idea but I wouldn’t want to document it.

Are we maintaining a specific order that we add input control channels? Is our MIDI implementation a subset of our OSC presentation?
If we really have our control chain slick then we should be able to throw Mixer control signals into the top end of our OSC channel and everything should just fly! The GUI would then be entirely remote :smiley:

I presume you’d have to declare CC7 as last affected cc7 responder in the layer chain, and then it would act as a layer volume control, but I don’t doubt your suspicions in this area are justified

Meanwhile, in VCV Rack land, they have stuff like this:

and this: