New PD patch "Punchy Rhody FX" for Zynthian

Here’s the Punchy Rhody FX Organelle patch I integrated for use with the Zynthian. This patch includes a simple step sequencer (32 steps max). To record a new sequence, go to page 4 and set ‘Mode’ to 1 and ‘Play/Rec/Loop’ to 1. Each note you play will be assigned a velocity as selected with the Velocity controller on page 3. You can use the Velocity controller to create rests and dynamics if desired, otherwise leave it on 127 so each note will be recorded at maximum velocity. When you’re done entering notes, change the Play/Rec/Loop control to 0 (plays sequence once per key press) or 2 (continuous loop). Then play a note and the sequence will start to play. Adjust the tempo and other controls as desired. Each time you strike a note the sequence will start from the beginning. Play a different note and it will transpose the sequence. Change Mode to ‘0’ to turn off the sequence trigger. This allows you to play a melody while the sequencer is looping without transposing the sequence. You will need to change mode back to 1 to transpose or to record a new sequence.

For those wanting to take a deep dive, use Patchage to route Pure Data midi out to a synth engine midi in. You dont want to have the PD GUI running because it adds latency and can create other problems. Here’s how I do it on a Windows laptop. I load the patches first on the Zynthian and then launch Putty and start Patchage on the pc. Then I make the midi connections in Patchage. If anyone knows an easier way to route midi with the Zynthian please let me know. (667.6 KB)

Here you go @wyleu :face_with_monocle:


I flippin’ love a Punchy Rhody.

Magma meets moeroder… :grin: