New Raspberry PI 4

Lots of things are failing in the build, not as simple as I saw. Its not likely to work because all those components are missing.,news-61071.html Apparently Its getting warm

Yes, I can confirm that. I don’t have any cooling bodies attached yet either.

Hi @zynthianers!
I published a new post in the forum regarding the new RBPi-4:

Your feedback is welcomed! :wink:

Regarding the new Buster SD-image, as you probably know, build script need to be modified to correctly work with Buster. I will start to work on it as soon as possible, but if some of you want to collaborate with the task, i would suggest following the instructions here:

that allow to run the setup script on a fresh Raspbian image.

You should try to run the setup script step by step and try to solve the errors. Most of them will be package-related, so easy to solve, hopefully.

My first RBPi4 will be here tomorrow, so i will be highly motivated very soon. I want to try Pianoteq with the new RBPi4 … ohhhh yessssss!! :wink:

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Ahhh I forgot to say that tomorrow is the official launch of Debian Buster … happy new Debian!! :heart_eyes:

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A little bad news for us power freaks

Yep! Although not a huge issue, it’s annoying.
Anyway, perhaps it’s positive. I hope they will consider to implement voltage negotiation in the faulty USB-C design :wink:


We are really close now :wink:



So maybe they will sell the faulty revision cheaper. My charger works…

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I bought the official power brick with the board… :wink:

Almost there:

Some engines are not working yet and there are some other minor problems, but first impressions are really good. Pianoteq work without a glitch with any instrument/preset i’ve tested. No audible XRUNs.
Also some problematic presets, like ZynAddSubFX’s AngelPiano, that always produced XRUNs when playing a little bit hard. Now i can’t reach the limits. Wohaooo!! I’m super happy!! :wink:

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The build from 07/07 is not enough?
I am camping right now and can’t add the zynthian - yes, I have one with me :slight_smile: - to the internet.
What is the performance index of Pianoteq?
Are you using cooling parts on top of the IC?

OB-Xd is usually an easy one to get XRUNs with, and my favorite.


For pianoteq, did you test in 44khz?
On my Zynthian 3b+, I try the last release and have less xrun, test is made in 22khz

Should the Buster cut run on a Pi 3b+ ?


Is this he problem mentioned above?

You have to wait for a build younger than 07/11.
There is my GitHub issue where you can see the steps needed to get webconf running…but I would just wait.

All I’ve got now is three zynth’s that were working yesterday turned into rebooting idiots.

Large glasses of wine consumed. . . .

I’ve lost :
zynthian-nord (3B+ with audio injector)
zynthian-alm( 3B+ with audio injector)
zynthian-amp ( 2B with Hifiberry Amp)

Another large glass of wine consumed.

A Stretch upgrade to Buster, all of them.

I will try with OB-Xd ASAP :wink:
I tested Pianoteq with the same configuration that Aruk-RC3. Internally it works at 22KHz.


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I’m running a “patched” buster image. None of the images available for download will work. I’ve commited the changes to the scripts, but the building system is failing again … so until it’s fixed, you have to wait a little bit.

BTW, i just tested the MIDI-IN/OUT and it’s working in Buster + RBPi4. So AFAIK, only Aeolus is failing (segmentation fault in Buster!).

Kind Regards,

Of course, i could share my “experimental image” …

Lot’s of fun and games . . . . :flight_departure:

It makes an interesting test grid.
I’ll probably revert to a stretch and get that stable and build from there.

The Audio Injector needs the normal Capture In L-R on in alsamixer and the rekick by adding a space to one of the audio hardware custom configs… (@mheidt:-) )

Mucking around with 3 working encoders and select ( which else would it be…?) chattering. . . .

It’s a good thing but in truth people are going to inevitably go for the Pi4 so that’s the target !