New single controller modules

Hi @all!

I’ve designed a new controller modules with a single rotary encoder with switch. I’ve replaced the old “double rotary” controllers with the newer “single rotary” controllers to improve modularity and for easier replacement when a rotary breaks.

It may be easy to integrate in any enclosure / front panel and could be used for mounting Zynthian Boxes with more than 4 controllers, or, e.g., to build an external controller with Arduino :wink:

It has the possibility of soldering 3 capacitors, one for each GPIO input (2 for the encoder and 1 for the switch). Currently, i’m only using the switch capacitor (100nF) because the rotary speed is limited when adding the other 2. I’ve to test with smaller capacitors.

Some of you have ask me for buying some PCBs, so here is the price list:

  • 1-5 => 4€
  • 5-20 => 3€
  • 20-100 => 2€
  • more? => better you order in a PCB factory :yum:

Of course, shipping is not included, but should be very cheap.


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This is the new wiring scheme to be used with the controller single modules:

This wiring scheme has to be used with the software wiring layout “PROTOTYPE-4”, configured in the file:


This is the default setting with the last SD images, so probably you don’t need to do nothing. Anyway, if needed, you can change this setting by mounting the SD image/card in a computer before burning/plugin it in the RBPi or accessing by SSH to your Zynthian Box: