New updates to documentation in Wiki Aug 2017


I updated info and pages in the Wiki: Zynthian User Guide.

I grabbed a bunch of info from the forum and placed it in organized pages on the Wiki.

Please review these to make sure I got it right. (I’m a newbie Zynthian user)


Thanks a lot, @gmeader! I really love you, man!! :heart_eyes:
I will review everything carefully … give me some days :wink:


@jofemodo, I thing that a page containing the recommended or tested audio interfaces is a good addiction in the Wiki. I’m currently struggling to find an audio interface with audio input. My attempts with USB interfaces did not work.

Recommendations about interfaces with Input, stereo output, Midi (a comparative table ou separed topics) would be of great help to beginners.


Added page to the Wiki for alternative hardware devices:


Thanks a lot, @gmeader!

I added some displays and some extra reference links. In the next days i will give you more feedback …



@C0d3man has tested PiSound


… but currently there are GPIO conflicts. PiSound itself works. We have to wait until the new encoder board is out (or I get encoders via OSC running or both :wink:).

Regards, Holger