New with raspberry pi and zynthian


Hi my name is George i am 48. I live in Virginia, USA. I am a computer programmer and a piano student.

I just purchased a zynthian prebuilt kit v2. I am not a DIY person, per se, but I can use a screwdriver.

I purchased the zynthian specifically because I read the “pianoteq” blog post. I recently decided to expand my music making abilities beyond my practice piano, and it has been an expensive and rocky journey.

I bought a vst instrument piano from Arturia, piano V, which is a very nice product. Then I tried to run it on my old iMac and it popped and stuttered and I realized that the computer did not have enough specs.

I bought an audio interface from Scarlett which was expensive, then I bought a Mac mini 2018 which seemed like it should be ok. It was 2300 usd.

I won’t go into every detail but I hope it entertains users of this forum to know what people out in the world are doing just to run some vst plugins in a very unsuitable PC computing environment.

I hope first of all to plug the zynthian into my Kawai digital piano, which is a perfectly fine midi controller for piano based playing, with no computer no external audio interface.

Next I want to see how far the raspberry pi Linux concept will take me. How about a vortex arm a57? How about 6 of those? Just kidding I don’t really know what an arm a57 is but I really think specially configured Linux plus vst or other plugins in a somewhat open format is the future.

See you soon on the forums when i can’t get my synth to work because i made some dumb mistake.

Bon chance


Also I have a Roland a-70 midi controller I will be using to go to a friends house to jam, it is portable. It’s the best midi controller that one person can carry!