New Zynthian processor?


It doesn’t really make sense for Zynthian, the open source synths and plugins which drive Zynthian wouldn’t use the 128 core GPU.

I think that Modart (Pianoteq) guys could take huge profit of using such a beast for running their models. Same for any true-modelling synthesizer, specially if modelling analogue instruments.

Also, it could be nice for calculating big convolution matrixes, useful for implementing some effects. You could simulate real-life spaces, rooms, cabinets, lesslies, etc.

Anyway, it’s a long way for this and currently no software used by zynthian can take profit of this beast :wink:

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But it could allow 8 stream of hi-res graphics to sync along with a zynth . . . .

That has got to be a fairly interesting visualization at some point!

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The Jetson boards are miracles. A colleague used the TX2 for a project and I loved it and the incredible speed it reached running a customized TensorFlow to do object detection on 16 720p video streams at the same time, and encoding a 4K dashboard with the 16 video inputs scaled and with recognition output overlayed…

Never thought to made a synth with it… :smiley:

Think about those A.I. controlled PureData generative patch possibilities though!

when will zynthian support neuroevolutionary synthesis? can you run PyTorch as a VST layer in Zynthian? I really need this for a project.

VST is not supported and won’t be in the near future.

No problem! With Jetson we simply could train a model with plugins that currently have LV2 and VST versions and it would learn to write ports :crazy_face::rofl::crazy_face::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Until the above model is ready, we only can run PyTorch as LV2 plugin :crazy_face:
Also TensorFlow & Caffe will be available in such a way :lying_face::grimacing: