Nice ways to de-clunk an audio device on start up?

I don’t like clunks on audio start up.
Anyone got any neat ways of resetting an audio in/out device silently?

If it could do touchscreen power interrupt as well then so much the better.

My zynthian’s start and poweroff are totally silent. I have no “clunks”. Could you be more detailed about your setup/context?

Audio Injector in a completely non standard zynthian pedalboard ( not an official kit :smiley: ) ?

It’s the pedalboard powered off psu or battery fed into a behringer 1820. Upon grounding enable pin on pi it clunks.
I’ll try with a Hifiberry in/out card zynth for comparison.

This guy describes a power down mute circuit for a (mini Hifiberry) 5102 DAC in a 23 minute examination of a board.

Aim addingtiny 5v relays into the pedal board to do bypass and de clunk.

The bypass board for the pedalboard.

Five volts across the small connector routes the audio to & from the audio injector board via the two other connectors. If the 5V stops the board switches to bypass. . .

There are two 5V surface mount relays on the other side of the board but you ain’t seeing those, cos it’s more welding than soldering…

There is a stereo in socket with channel two diverted by the second mono socket and the two outputs are wired to provide mono if only one socket used and stereo if both are connected.

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