ODroid N2 (instead of the N1)


Hi there,

new hardware announced:

Regards, Holger


Woaoooo! Quite impressive!! Perhaps it’s time to try it? :wink:


I’m always pretty careful about that. Don’t forget that Raspian is much better supported than the ODroid images. The question is also if the onboard audio is as good as the Hifiberry and if there will be audio cards…


Of course … trying is trying :wink:


ODROID-N2 has an on-board high quality 384Khz/32bit stereo audio line output.
Dynamic range and SNR is near 100dB and Total-Harmonic-Distortion is lower than 0.006%. You can enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality without an external expensive audio DAC.

sounds like it will sound good :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there is no X11 GPU driver

so it may not be time to try yet… :frowning:


Yeahhhh! It sounds really good …

Not really important for Zynthian :wink:



What is the performance index of Pianoteq?