Official touch screen 7" how to save snapshots


how is it possible to save a snapshot without the encoders hardware - using the 7 inches touch screen.



It’s not possible right now


Hi @BalamSoto,

Although it’s quite tricky, yes, it’s possible! I just tried and it works …

From the “control screen”, bold-push (0.3 > t > 2 sec.) the LS/snapshot controller area. You should go directly to the “Save Snapshot” screen :wink:

Kind Regards!


thanks, I am not clear of what is the Control screen?

#5 is a good starting point.

There is a pretty specific naming convention for the various screens.

There’s has to be or the developers would never find anything :smiley:

General question: Can I link to an item in the wiki?


thanks very helpful link! I think I am missing some UI elements
I can see on a layer screen the 4 dial UI but other than that I can only see logo at right and layer number on leftside I see text


Send screen shots :smiley:


Only the “control screen” have the “4 dials”, the other “selector” screens only have the “selector dial” and the logo at right. This is the reason because if you are using the touch interface only, some operations will be available from the control screen only.