One big reason why we Zynthian!

I’m really not quite sure if this is the right category for this post, but here goes.

Several years ago, like his older siblings before him, I forced my youngest son into a Royal Conservatory piano exam where they locked him in a room with a grouchy old battle-axe inquisitor who gruelingly assayed his keyboard prowess. Of course, I was not allowed in the room to protect him. I quite gladly stood quietly in the hall, rather than face the wrath of the mean old inquisitor myself. Perhaps it wasn’t exactly like that :slight_smile:, but I did have the opportunity to peruse the bulletin board in the hall.

There, on the board, I found the article I have linked below. It corroborated, backed by science, thoughts that I, an applied scientist, had had for years! And in reading that article, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat vanquished, for I still felt somewhat bruised from the brawl I had had some years earlier with his oldest sibling about his continuing piano education.

That particular episode ended with me roaring in the most commanding tone I could muster, “When you’re thirty years old, you can say anything you want about me, but there’s one thing you’ll never be able to say.” to which the lad responded in a growling tone, “What’s that?” I replied, perhaps even smugly, “You’ll never be able to say: I wish my dad had forced me to continue to play piano.” I was true to my word and did encourage him (with some force) to continue. He is a better person for it! In fact, he has taught himself a plethora of other instruments now, several of which seem to now be missing from my own instrument collection.

What does this have to do with the Zynthian, you ask? Well, whether you are an accomplished musician like so many of you (and everyone in my family other than me) seem to be, or if you just enjoy making noise like me, playing music changes your brain! Yes! We all have better brains because of the Zynthian! That’s just so awesome! Thanks to all of you in this community, especially @jofemodo for being our savant, and @wyleu for his :face_with_monocle: demands, @C0d3man for my wonderful MicroDexed, and to all the regular posters for growing my brain and our collective brains together. Music is truly the universal language (math is a close second :grin:), and it’s something we all need right now as the world in in crisis.

So finally, here’s the link:
Hope you enjoy the read, and please continue to make music!