Pianoteq 7 LV2

Wonder what I may be doing wrong here…
I’ve just taken the plunge and got pianoteq 7 stage and all seems to be working well so far, except for if I try to access it as an lv2 engine. It appears in the list, let’s me select it but then sticks when I choose which midi channel to use. I’d previously been using pianoteq 7 trial and had that working as a LV2 synth ok.

Hi @scro,

I see that behaviour only if I select Pianoteq 6 from the LV2 list. If I go to webconf SOFTWARE->LV2_plugins and click “Search for new Plugins & Presets” then “Pianoteq 7 STAGE” appears in the list (replacing Pianoteq 6) and selecting that on the Zynthian works as expected.

[Edit] Also don’t forget to hit the “Update Presets” button. (I hope we can make registering Piantoeq more seamless in the future.)

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Thanks @riban searching for new plugins fixed it. Because I’d updated the pianoteq trial to version 7 it was still appearing in the lv2 plugin list under “pianoteq 7” and I presumed this was the right plugin already. Refreshing the list revealed “pianoteq 7 Stage”

Yes, the sale currently on is what finally convinced me to splash the cash!

You won’t regret it. Pianoteq is fantastic.

I bought Pianoteq 6 stage 2 years ago and this was a great decision! Also love the auto-record feature of the stand alone version which is great to find a great melody line after jamming around or so :slight_smile: I just consider upgrading to Standard version but not yet sure :wink: