Pianoteq engine mono selector

Hi, I would love to have an audio output selector (mono, stereo, binaural, recording) for all the presets in the pianoteq engine. Very noob here, so if there is a way I can achieve this by tweaking configurations please suggest me.

Hi @sbarbit! Welcome to Zynthianland.

That control may be available in the LV2 version of Pianoteq (I don’t have access to mine right now but am pretty sure it will be there.) You have to go to webconf and add it in the SOFTWARE->LV2-Plugins section to make it available as a synth engine (layer).

[Edit] I can confirm that Audio Output is a control available when using the Pianoteq LV2 plugin but due to the configuration provided with this plugin, it presents as a continuously variable floating point number rather than the four discrete values. I am working on a custom configuration for Pianoteq LV2 to resolve this (and provide grouped parameters) and will try to find someone at Modartt to report the issue to (and offer a solution).

For Pianoteq 6 STAGE the additional configuration in ttl is:

        lv2:scalePoint [ rdf:value 0; rdfs:label "Line out (stereo)" ];
        lv2:scalePoint [ rdf:value 0.3334; rdfs:label "Line out (mono)" ];
        lv2:scalePoint [ rdf:value 0.6667; rdfs:label "Room mic" ];
        lv2:scalePoint [ rdf:value 1; rdfs:label "Binaural" ];

For Pianoteq 7 STAGE the configuration is:

          lv2:scalePoint [ rdf:value 0; rdfs:label "Stereophonc" ];
          lv2:scalePoint [ rdf:value 0.3334; rdfs:label "Monophonic" ];
          lv2:scalePoint [ rdf:value 0.6667; rdfs:label "Sound Recording" ];
          lv2:scalePoint [ rdf:value 1; rdfs:label "Binaural" ];

This is for developers to add (I am working on some updates) but I wanted to record here so that we have a public record of the fixes (in case I lose them or get side-tracked).

[Edit] I have reported this in the Pianoteq forum. Not sure if that is the best place to get upstream developers interested but at least it is a start.

Super Nice!! :star_struck:

Ok thank you. Grouped parameters would indeed help! Thank you very much for your effort.