Pianoteq Instruments


I’ve just purchased a stage account from Pianoteq.

Anyone got any thoughts or recommendations on the 2 Instruments to choose?


For me the electric pianos are a must. The Rhodes Mk II sounds better than my real one!

I have also the Steinway D. It’s ok, but not my favorite piano sound.

Regards, Holger

P.S.: The free CP80 is also nice, but sounds strange in the bass register…


I think almost the same than Holger …


  • Electric Pianos => You must have it …
  • Hohner Collection => Curious, but i always end playing Rhodes or Wurli. It’s like playing a Combo when you have a Hammond … :wink:
  • Steinwey D => Probably i will try a different one. One of the latest adds … like Bechstein or Petroff.
    I suposse that modelling a Grand Piano is a difficult art and i you improve your procedure everytime you model a new one :wink:

Ohhh! Or maybe the Blüthner … i don’t know. It depends a lot of your personal taste :wink:
Of course, you can test all of them and choose …



Can one move the pianoteq licence between different zynthians?


No, because I think it violates the terms of the license.

It’s technically possible with a few inspirations. But in my opinion the official license is: One computer, one license installation.

Aren’t the three possible installations enough for you?

Regards, Holger


From Pianoteq faq:

"May I install Pianoteq on more than one computer?

*Yes, you may install it on up to 3 computers of your own. You are not bound to any specific operating system, thus you may install e.g. a Windows version on the first computer, MacOS on the second and Linux on the third.

I bought a new computer. How do I deactivate the licence on the old one?

You can deactivate the old computer in the user area. After logging in, click on the “Manage activations” link. Only deactivate computers you no longer use. Once you deactivate a certain computer, you will no longer be able to activate it again, even if you reformat or change operating system."


At last count I have eight zynthians in various configurations and settings . . . .


… so it´s a zynthian farm? :wink:


The biggest Zynthian Farm in the world … AFAIK :wink:


It’s a ZynCluster!!!


Hi @wyleu!

Would you like to control all your zynthians from a single zynthian. In other words, use one of the zynthians as a master that can control all the rest? Do you think that such a feature could be interesting at all? It would allow to build cheap zynthian clusters, where all nodes but the master would only need a RBPi + SoundCard …

I’m thinking about it from a time, when someone give me some inspiration about it … and the time is coming, i can feel it :wink:


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