Pianoteq - Program Change event randomly activates Sostenuto


I am having trouble with unwanted Sostenuto which gets engaged when I send a program change method.

DETAILS: I was trying out the SubSnapShot feature:

  1. Program Change 0 to select Steinway Model B
  2. Program Change 1 to select Rhodes Mk I

This switches pianos as expected - but also seems to randomly engage Sostenuto for no clear reason.

I reproduced this behavior with 2 different USB midi devices sending the Program Change:

  1. Logidy UMI3 foot switch
  2. Roland A800-Pro

I am using the latest Zynthian build, on a Raspberry Pi Model 4B, with custom hardware (Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen, IQaudIO DAC+).

Any help is appreciated.

could you show a screenshot of the snapshot-view in the webconf? It should show, if the zs3 program change has modified controller valued.

Thank you. After an update the problem has disappeared.