Polyphone: A future for the soundfont standard?

Hi @zynthianers!

I’m copying this from the latest Polyphone newsletter:

Newsletter 2020-01-08

A call to the Soundfont Community!

If you are familiar with soundfonts and more generally with sample-based synthesis, you may have realized that some features are missing such as:

  • a round-robin sample playback,
  • using multiple loops in a sample,
  • triggering a sample on a key release,
  • defining different types of filters.

Further to those limitations, there is a growing need in compressing soundfonts and several attempts have been made with - at least - the sfArk, sfPack, sf3 and maybe soon the sf4 formats.

For increasing the soundfont capabilities and providing an efficient and standardized way to compress soundfonts, I tend to think that we should update the soundfont standard itself . For this purpose, I started a document gathering missing features and describing a way for packaging soundfonts.


The first point would be to discuss the feasibility of such a task. If it appears that we should go in this direction, the second point would be to gather ideas and complete the document. Your contribution is thus welcome: tickets can be open on GitHub and topics can also be created in the forum.

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Surely this is what SFZ does, it seems a bit daft to make SF2++++ or whatever. SFZ 2.0 fits these requirements.

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