Portable Zynth

I’ve made a bracket for my Zynth so it can clip on the bottom of a music stand. The idea is not new - my XpressO synth has it. Looks like this:

It enables the unit to be a lot more portable. I combined it with my 5v 10Ah powerbank. Mounted on the stand:

The 3-D printed bracket is like this:

I tapped out the holes in the Zynth case to accept some nice stainless M3 screws.

I bought the clips from Amazon:



Let me be the first (after a year lol) to say this looks cool and super slick. Did you put the file on Thingiverse or somewhere? I don’t actually have a proper case yet but plan to acquire one soon. For now I go headless.


OK, just loaded it to Thingiverse:


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Awesome, just need the stars to line up so that I have money and they have Zynth kits at the same moment lol