Power issues with the pi4

I finally bypassed the need for USB power on my pi4 eurorack zynth solution.

Now I definitely have less x-runs, but unfortunately I still see both the red and yellow :zap::zap::zap::zap:

As such, I now declare the Raspberry Pi 4 as officially too power hungry. It just can’t get enough. It just can’t get enough.

What does the photo show? There seems to be a screen hidden below and an unpopulated board above with the pi sandwiches between without any power. More volts Igor!

its one of these… most of the items for the board are option, so i am mostly just using the eurorack power connector. (i dont need the optional sound or midi right now)

I’m running it off a meanwell rt-65b power supply which is supposed to kick out 5a on the 5v channel. I do have the option of switching to the 12v eurorack rail and using a buck converter, but the psu spec says the 12v rail is only 2.8a and all my other modules use it (apparently)

i might just have to fit a separate additional 5v psu or something.

Btw, why do I need both a yellow and a red :zap::zap::zap:? Why not just one?

I thought the one implemented by the OS had been disabled. Maybe a regression.