Preset question

Hey all, I’m poking around a bit in the way snapshots are saved and “presets” for individual layers are saved as part of the snapshot, as far as I can tell by recording the selected preset and then all modifications of the controller values. Doing this, we can have a quite custom preset of an individual instrument, which is cool.

What if we want to re-use those settings?

Is there a way to save just a particular instrument’s preset without the entire layer snapshot? So if I’ve dialed in an Obxd patch that I want to use in other snapshots, is there a way to save just that instrument to a “user” area, or to export those settings from the config?

If this doesn’t already exist, it wouldn’t have to fold in with normal preset/patch management, since the way we’re recording the data is different from the native patches (at least in how it’s saved) but we could have our own little zyn-style patches so we can re-use any work we ended up doing in the box (including cc maps for an instrument) in other layers.

I’m asking while educating myself on how snapshots work and whether a sub snapshot can be saved of just a patch (the sub snapshot management doesn’t seem to do that, although I got excited by that commenting).

Hi @khidr9. Currently you need to edit configuration file manually within the Linux OS on the box to do this. You can follow a feature request I coincidentally submitted yesterday on this subject.

That’s very on the nose. Great timing. Do you think our presets should be in the same folder as other presets? That’s the one bit I was wrestling with since they’re stored by listing parameters in a way that I’m not sure the native presets expose? It would be nice but I’m guessing each synth does it’s own thing natively. I’d be happy enough to have a separate folder for presets made on the zynth to ease the complexity and reuse the method utilized in saving the settings in snapshots.


The presets are probably going to be a series of incremental changes and there is the possibility that you might want to go back to some previous iteration.

Ultimately we are looking at a repository structure possibly with history.

How long we can control our local naming in a simple directory block and load a zynth from scratch and expect it to pick up all the bits and pieces is where it might get irritating especially in any vaguely distributed zynth moot or after a restore from backup.

Given the free form nature of the files attached to possible zynthian layers a directory structure derived from engine would seem to closely match the implied structure.It would allow the zynthian engine wrapper to handle it’s own offspring and have a rough idea of where it could expect to look for it.

To get the flat any sound available option with a possible history, we need a community wide unique hash of the instance to avoid name collisions at the very least.

…or maybe just allow individuals to save their presets on their own machine (like a normal synth) with ability to export and import via webconf for sharing. I don’t particular mind that @freeKey had a preset called, “Killer Organ” that differs to my preset of the same name and I definitely don’t want to have to think of a new name for my preset if it clashes with someone else’s!


I LOVE the sound of namespaces colliding !!! :smiley:

@jofemodo, maybe the engine should provide a function like duplicate current preset.
When done, it can be renamed in the webconf.

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Duplicate could / should include any modifications applied which is like “save as”.

But SaveAs implies the opening of a dialog to change the name, which is not possible in the UI

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Yet! (See feature/stepseq branch for onscreen keyboard naming of things.)

I think your idea of “Copy” and rename in webconf is a good starting point. Adding renaming in UI later would be a useful enhancement.

The current snapshot names seems too long with full pathname (with folder etc.). Maybe it could be just the names of the patches, separated with commas ? Anyone would be able to see the full path of each layer in webconfig anyway. Right now I just rename the patches the way I like, but it would be great to get more info about the snapshot right after saving.