Problems building Zynthian Kit v2: Display remains black


I builded the “pre built” kit , but screen don’t turn ON (always black, with or without SDcard) i tryed to disconnect 2in1 module but nothing change


Hi @Tyrrh!

  • What SD image are you using? Is it the last one “Gorgona Next”?

  • Have you checked that the screen is connected in the right position? Note that you could connect the screen reversed …

  • Have you tried to connect an HDMI display to the RBPi connector? Can you describe what you see? A photo would be nice …




sorry for the delay, i solved my problem with a new ribbon cable


Hi @Tyrrh!

Have you built your own ribbon cable? Can you send a photo? :wink:

Anyway, i would like to refund you for the broken ribbon, so please, if you could send me the broken ribbon for analyzing, i will refund you the cost of this part. As we aren’t hurry, you can send it inside an envelope, as a standard postcard for cheaper shipping.



First post here, I am gathering parts to build my own Zynthian, and happened to notice the ribbon cable is the same type/configuration as an old legacy PC IDE HDD cable.
Theoretically if you can find a dual drive IDE cable, it should do the job.


Yep :smile:

I made a simple building documentation here:

Regards, Holger


It does the job… :slight_smile:


I had the same problem with ribbon cable a few times already. They are very delicate as is seems.